Chevi Todd  - Song, Sound & Music Healing Sessions

My name is Prem Chevi (pronounced Prem Chevee)

Healing with sound & music has become a big part of my life. I wrote my own self-affirmation chants in 2016, in 2017, I found my voice through professional singing lessons. In 2019 I started to write full acoustic songs, and have been awarded three certificates from the UKSC Song writing contest, three commended five stars certificates, and one five star finalist certificate.

Learning to love and accept myself was difficult, so writing songs around self-love helped me heal. Music/Song/Sound are very powerful tools, and I enjoy sharing my passion with others. 

On this website you will find links to various sessions that I am offering. I offer one-to-one song healing sessions and write personalised songs for you. Please visit the links below and on the top menu for more information

'We all have the ability to heal ourselves through music and song'

Personalised song written for you

Do you want us to bring your stories to life with a song? a story can be anything about a relationship, happy memories etc.. More information here

One to One Song Healing Session

Do you need healing for something that has happened in your life? perhaps there are old wounds from childhood that you need to clear? More information here 

* Meditation workshop - working with mantras, sound & music.

Meditation is not just about sitting cross-legged, there are various ways that you can meditate. This workshop, we will be working with guided sound meditations. Sound and music helps you relax and de-clutters your mind More information

To see a list of my qualifications, please feel free to take a look here.